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June 30, 2017
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September 13, 2017

Harmonized Sounds Episode #5

Here at Harmonized Sounds we thrive on capturing how a song is brought to life, and hope you are inspired by this episode featuring Ryan Clair. Ryan recently released his debut single, “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (The Valley)” that was recorded at Old Bear Studios in Batavia, NY. When Ryan brought his idea to Old Bear, we were excited to capture moments of the creative process. When Ryan sat in a small country church in Minnesota and heard the sounds of the old hymn “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me,” he was inspired to bring the song back to life through a new sound. One thing Ryan and the Old Bear crew have in common is they both love finding new ways to do old things. In this episode you’ll see how they used different instruments to create unique sounds. They also feature microphones made by Ear Trumpet Labs, giving an old time look with a new crisp sound. We hope you enjoy I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (The Valley) by Ryan Clair.

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