A Brother’s Battle

A Brother’s Battle

Verse 1
With the rise of the sun
Time passes by
Passed out in a stale dark room
Sheltered by his sheet
Pinned to the wall
In the basement he calls home

Verse 2
Oh he once had a wife
That stood by his side
But the tempting of this world ate her soul
He holds on as a father
For the sake of his daughters
But the bitterness has swallowed him whole

Oh I never felt so alone
Cries a brother who knows no home 2X

It’s like scissors dull & rusted
Cutting at his heart
Oh he’s given everything so he’s thought
But the fight is never over
It’s not with flesh and blood
It’s far beyond this world over us

Verse 3
To awake to the pain
Of hope run dry
In the valley the shadow of death
He’s smoldering
As the fire burns inside
In the shelter of the darkness he hides

Verse 4
Oh the cries of his mother
And tears of a brother
Never know how much they love you
All because
There’s a battle that rages
All the joy it erases
It’s the callus and scars on his heart

So I said a prayer for you, oh my brother it came true

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Ryan Clair
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