Among The Pines

TITLE: Among the Pines
Written by Ryan Clair©

I built my home among the pines in the valley
In the fog of the chimney smoke
Where the sun would rise on the mountains, clothed with snow
Where the dew would rise on misty morning
And the waters smooth as glass
The calm would take my breath away,
I’m home at last

As a lay beneath this old tree by the river
Near the water’s edge
I hear the stream so peaceful my soul finds rest
And when the silence breaks to the sound of laughter
And songs fill the air
Children, gathered ‘round the table with thanks and prayer

Hear the church bells ring
in the dawning of light
As creation sings His praise,
bursting with life
Where all the fields will sway with dancing,
to each gust of the wind
And every flower filled with fragrance
is an offering

As the cold wind blows
through the frosty meadow
And the skies declares His work
As an artist paints a picture
and proclaims his worth
With a sky like fire, can’t contain His glory
And the sun set flame to the clouds
Burning as the evening fades
and the night sings out

Among the pines
Far from the chaos
I’ve found my stead till the earth gives way
And the mountains fall
Into the sea
I will stand on Your word and still believe
In the hands of the maker
The sovereign creator
For He is there among the pines
Among the pines