Move Over Devil

Move Over Devil

Verse 1
Move over devil
I’ve got Jesus on my mind
When I play this six-string
I can hear them singing
All the angels by my side

Verse 2
Have mercy on me Father
For I’m a sinner of a man
Bruised and broken
From me the world has taken
And tried to tell me who I am

I won’t falter I won’t fail
Ain’t no devil gonna drag me down
I won’t falter I won’t fail
Ain’t no devil gonna take my crown
Amen Lord I shout in victory
Amen Sin has lost it’s grip on me
The battle is won and victory is singing over me

Verse 3
Move over devil
There’s no place for you to stand
The war is over
Victory in Jesus
And I’m bound bound bound for the holy land

Ain’t no scheme gonna tear me down
I hear ’em coming oh hear the sound
It’s like a train coming down the line
But I am ready for a war this time

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