Outlaws (He’s Alive)

TITLE: Outlaws (He’s Alive)
Written by Ryan Clair ©

It was a cold-blooded murder
He was a sought-out man
He was an enemy of the Roman Law
Brought down for treason and hung by a tree
They just killed the greatest man of all

But this murder was different
And though all went as planned
The silence they hoped for didn’t come
There was an outlaw of bandits
With one will to live
To tell the world, this dead man is alive!

He’s Alive 2X
Spread the fire, let it burn
Fuel the flame I’ll carry through
The good news of the man with that fire inside of you
The Gospel of Jesus I declare… the truth

And they knew of certain danger
And a bounty on their tail
They still gathered and called themselves the way
Well this bounty full of hatred
Rage & fury in his eyes
Saddled up with a letter to destroy

And then shone the light
That knocked him to the ground
He was blind and on his own he could not see
But he heard the voice
Of the man he thought was dead
It was there he proved He is alive!
Bridge: Rise Up 2X

Rise up, rise up, you can try and bring us down
But we stand with boldness
We’ll never lay this armor down 2X