The Unexpected One

TITLE: The Unexpected One
Written by Ryan Clair ©

He was a travelin’ man from Jerusalem
Who found trouble along the way
When trouble left him he was half dead
Robbed of his clothes in shame he would lay

But the many passersby
wouldn’t even blink an eye
They just kept on
At a distance they would stay
Yes, the many passersby
Too busy to give up time
For the weak and wounded man, left to die
Tag: But along came a stranger to provide

Mercy, Mercy
Was the love of the unexpected one
Mercy! Mercy!
Cries the man whose compassion, saved him (me) from
A certain death yet suffered out of love

I knew another man… Beaten down again
They tried to rob him of his soul
The many failures and inabilities
Filthy rags, defined him most

But the many passersby
Not a care or wonder why
They disregard the sorrow in his eyes
Out of the many passersby
Was a man who recognized
He was hated, rejected and despised
Familiar sorrow, came to serve and cried > To Chorus He cried out…

You carried me in my deepest grief and burden
Clothed me in righteousness as you bore shame
You gave your life that I might live to know what love is. Oh mercy!