This Old Coat

TITLE: This Old Coat
Written by Ryan Clair ©

I’ve been wearing this old coat far too long
These filthy rags all stained and torn; who could afford?
To cover up the rent all on his own
Every chasm, every tear, every hole
Make me new

I will not be satisfied anymore
Living as an old brittle wineskin that spills on the floor
Oh fill me up, make me new oh Lord
Yes fill me up, make me new oh Lord
Make me new

This Old weathered coat with new patches I’ve sewn
Have only pulled away to make it known
That I’ve been living a life where the old never dies
Just a cover up in comfort in my pride
Make me new

As I carry on my days like none before
And leave behind my old ways, unfulfilled & wanting more
No more patches, no more holes, no more shame
I’ll tell the story of how it was… I used to say > CH.

Make me new like the sun rising
And Your morning mercy shining
I’ll be clothed in the righteousness of God
I’ll be filled with Your goodness
While covered Lord You’re gracious
In the hands of The Maker I’m restored
Make me new