TITLE: Upstream
Key Bb BPM – 168

Intro: G C G 2X

Verse 1 G C G C G D 2X

Well that current can take my earthly body
But while I’m living I will swim upstream
I come to life when tough waters test me
& I won’t let the seasons change the dream

Pre-CH. Am G Am Em C B Am G
When my hands get tired
And my body’s weak
I’ll keep moving upstream

Chorus C G C G C Em C B Am G
I’ll keep moving up
I’ll keep moving up
I’ll keep moving up
I’ll keep swimming upstream


Verse 2 G C G C G D 2X
I’ve been working hard, I’m a hard earned worker
I’ve worked my fingers to the bone it’s plain to see
But when you risk it all and your odds lack favor
You find out what you’re made of and who you’re meant to be

Verse 3 G C G C G D 2X
We don’t get to choose what river that we’re born in
The time we’re living or how many breaths we take
You’re gonna have to face to either give what you’ve been given
Or let yourself stop swimming and be Sweptaway