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December 20, 2017
ALTARWORK – Review of Less Traveled Road
January 28, 2018

UTR Media Q&A Interview

UTR: What road did you travel that got you involved in music like you are today?
Ryan: Music has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. It’s always been an extreme passion of mine. It all started with me being a fan as a kid and collecting and discovering the best music I could find. Something about the discovery of great indie bands that no one has heard about was fun for me. I got my first guitar when I was 13 years old and at that time Punk Rock music was a big part of my life.  Growing up in Southern California, Punk Rock was all the rage! Haha! Through out high school and my early 20’s I played in Punk Rock bands that eventually shifted with the styles that sounded more Emo/Indie Rock. To make a really long story short and to answer your question about how I got involved in the music I am doing today. It all started with the invite to play mandolin in a bluegrass band with my Uncle in my early 20’s. One thing punk rockers were good at is strumming fast and playing weird chords. So I picked up the mandolin fast! During that time I fell in love with the music. I love a song that tells a story and has a melody you just can’t help but sing along to. It became all I listened to and once again my passion for finding the best music in that Genre was ignited. A big part of my journey was moving to Minnesota from California. I wasn’t in a band anymore; I focused all of my attention into leading worship. But, I found myself on a journey that involved writers block and even depression. I attended a worship school in Georgia 3 years ago that encouraged song writing. With newfound tips and digging into the Word of God more than ever I began writing again. This time it felt natural and authentic to who I am and what I believe. Musically I feel at home.
UTR: Tell us about the mix of songs on Less Traveled Road. How did you arrive at choosing them?

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